The 3445 Peachtree Engineering Team is staffed with highly trained and reliable engineers. A computerized work order system enables our engineers to provide effective and efficient daily service to tenants as well as ensures that all building equipment is properly maintained.

The following services are provided at no cost to each tenant:

  • Air Conditioning or Heating adjustments
  • Initial building directory listing
  • Building standard fluorescent bulbs and ballasts

Services offered on an above-standard basis include:

  • Lock and Key service
  • Additional keys are $8.00 / each
  • Locksmith expense varies according to the service requested.

After-Hours HVAC (air conditioning / heating)

  • After Hours HVAC rate is $45.00/hour for the first floor and $12.50 / hour for each additional floor.
  • Replacement of non-building standard light bulbs (The cost of lamps and ballasts varies).